Head Chiropractic Adjustment and Massage Therapy

Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, natural way to alleviate pain and improve health. One common adjustment involves a technique called cervical mobilization. The goal is to relax the muscles and release pressure on the brain. It also aims to increase blood flow to the head. Chiropractic Bentonville AR uses a combination of hands-on manipulation and massage therapy to correct misalignments in the spine.

Cervical Drop Technique


During a head chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor will lift up part of the table you are lying on and thrust their hands down. This causes the section to drop, which increases your comfort level and makes the adjustment even more effective quickly. Using a drop piece technique is one of the most common methods of adjusting your spine. This specialist function of the bench allows parts to be raised and then quickly drop away, allowing your chiropractor to perform an adjustment with less force than a traditional chiropractic table.

Before performing an adjustment with the drop piece, your chiropractor will perform a leg check analysis. This will help determine which areas of the body require an adjustment and can lead to a more successful treatment experience overall.


Flexion-Distraction is an advanced chiropractic technique that helps resolve a variety of conditions. This non-surgical procedure increases spinal motion and reduces pressure on a herniated or bulging disc. During flexion distraction, your doctor stretches and flexes your spine on a segmented table that moves gently as he or she manipulates it. Then, as a section of the table drops slightly, gravity changes the way your body sits and helps realign your spine.

This treatment is great for people with a herniated disc or pinched nerve. It can also help with stiffness and misalignments in the spine caused by osteoarthritis or sciatica. This method is especially effective for patients who are unable to tolerate more aggressive treatments. Studies have shown that flexion-distraction can provide at least 50% pain relief within 30 days, which is faster than most other conservative care options.

Occipital Lift Adjustment

Occipital bones are located in the back of the skull and can get a little misaligned from time to time. This can cause a host of issues from headaches to eye strain. A head chiropractic adjustment is one of the best ways to correct this problem. The main purpose of this treatment is to increase the space between the skull and cervical vertebrae. This increases blood flow and allows swollen blood vessels to drain.

The most dazzling thing about this type of therapy is that it does not involve surgery. It is also the cheapest and most effective way to treat this condition. You should experience significant improvement after just one session. This is a particularly appealing option for patients with occipital neuralgia who are unwilling to shell out the big bucks for surgery or medication. The benefits of this form of treatment include: no risk of infection or scarring, less reliance on medications and improved sleep quality.


Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can work well together to increase the benefits of each treatment. They both can reduce pain, improve mobility, and promote wellness. Chiropractors use massage to release tension in muscles and tendons. They also use it to reduce inflammation, which is linked to many diseases and conditions. During a massage, the therapist focuses on specific areas of the body. They use a combination of strokes, friction, and vibration to relax the muscles.

In addition, massage can increase blood flow and lymph flow. This improves organ function and fluid drainage, helping to keep your immune system strong. People commonly seek out chiropractic and massage to help with neck pain. Tension in the neck can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus issues, sleep disorders and more.