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This genetic testing is personalized based upon your family history. We are able to provide genetic tests only if the affected family member has already been genetically diagnosed. Hence in order to request a test, a family have to provide genetic test results of the affected family member. Please follow the instructions:
  1. Register the affected family member and upload their genetic test showing the mutations which we will use to test family members. The uploading file can be a scan of the document or just a photo taken with your phone. Once registered, DNAcheckup will assign the affected family member a Family Barcode. Note: The only way to provide us previous genetic test results is through secure account system, therefore, the affected family member has to be registered, even if DNAchekcup genetic testing will not be ordered.
  2. Register each family member. You will need to know the Family Barcode assigned to the affected family member and the affected family member’s first and last name to register each family member to be tested.
  • At least 8 characters long and "Strong" according to the indicator below.Strength indicator
  • Type your password again.
  • Diagnosed with the disorder related to the mutations to be tested
  • Upload
  • If you're creating this account someone below the age of 18 or for a disabled person, please fill out the fields below.